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      Business Portraits

      Social media tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have given renewed emphasis to business portraits, as have email account profiles, intranets, company websites, and so on. Customers and contacts expect to see images of senior staff, and for everyone in an organisation to be consistently presented.

      We have developed three distinct styles of portrait that can be used together or in isolation to convey the personality, culture and context that best fits your business: The Classic Headshot, The Environmental Portrait, and Company Portraits. Each type of portrait is retouched in post-production as part of the package, ensuring that your people look their best and are proud to represent the company. We shoot on location or at our studio in Colchester, depending on your requirements, and present the final images as an online gallery. To find out more please get in touch.

      The Classic Headshot

      Clean and crisp on a simple, non-distracting background

      Shot on a simple white, light grey or charcoal background the classic headshot is ideal when you need a formal, corporate portrait that exudes professionalism.

      This style of image is ideally suited for senior managers and directors, and also makes it easy to present the Board in a consistent way that reflects their status.

      • Professional, crisp and clean
      • Choice of background colours
      • Appropriate at Director level
      • Enables greater consistency
      • Delivered in colour and monochrome

      The Environmental Portrait

      Contemporary, relaxed style that relays personality and context

      Shot in a unique way that reflects your company culture or line of expertise, this type of headshot is extremely effective for all types of media, including editorial and social profiles.

      This style offers a less formal alternative to the classic headshot, and is extremely versatile. In addition to platforms such as LinkedIn and company presentations, the environmental portrait can be used to enhance a range of marketing assets, such as the website, advertising and brochures.

      • Relaxed yet still professional
      • Preferred by editors
      • Effective in social media
      • Suitable for range of marketing assets
      • Unique to you and your business

      Company Portraits

      Consistent images for your entire team

      Designed to make it easy to photograph staff in large numbers and over time, the company portrait uses your premises as the backdrop. In this way you can achieve consistency and interest at speed, ensuring that your team presents a unified and professional image to customers and contacts.

      The example below is shot in a traditional office setting, using scale, lighting and a consistent position and location to enable variation and continuity.

      • Consistent images for your team
      • Ideal for online media
      • Reinforces brand identity
      • Easy to replicate
      • Unique to your business