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      Packshot Photography

      Defined as products shots set against a white background and expertly colour-matched, packshot photography is a cost effective and efficient way of shooting single or multiple products. We can also supply images with a clipping path, making them easy to use in marketing materials and editorial.

      We work closely with large catalogue companies, publishing houses, prepress companies and agencies, either at their premises or at our custom-built photography studio in Colchester.

      Choose from one of our simple pricing packages, with the option to include clipping paths, or feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.


      No. of photosCost(each)
      100+ photos£9.99
      50 – 99 photos£10.99
      36 – 49 photos£12.99
      26 – 35 photos£14.99
      16 – 25 photos£16.99
      11 – 15 photos£18.99
      6 – 10 photos£20.99
      2 – 5 photos£24.99
      1 photo£44.99

      Clipping Paths (Optional)

      Simple £2.99Up to a six sided object, e.g. mobile phone
      Standard £4.49Multiple sided object, e.g. table and chairs
      Complex £7.99Many different sides and angles, e.g. mountain bike

      What is a Clipping Path? A clipping path isolates a photographed object from its background. Using a clipping path is useful when a packshot is to be placed on a different colour, or on top of another image. Effectively a clipping path allows anything within the path to be seen; anything outside of it is excluded. For any more information on clipping paths please get in-touch.